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Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 "Rata"
Original Design and Plans

Model Specifications
Weight rtf20-22 oz
wing area172 sq in
wing loading16.7 oz
recommended motorAXI 2212/20 or Mega 16/15/6 brushless
recommended battery8 cell 1100 niMH or 3s2p lipo

Weight of completed model in photos is 22.0 ounces with a fiberglass cloth and acrylic paints finish. The aircraft shown and successfully flown is equipped with an AXI 2212/20 brushless motor, a CC-Phoenix 25 brushless ESC, 2 Hitec HS60 servos, Hitec 555 receiver and an 8-1100 nimh battery pack. The model can also be configured with a 3s2p Lipo pack for longer duration and more performance- See Detail.

Flying Qualities
07.01.2005 flight report:
Since the maiden flight on April 4, 2005 the I-16 has made almost 40 flights. This aircraft has proven to be a solid flyer with great flight characteristics. No equipment changes have been made since the first flight other than switching to a 3s2p 2100 Lipo battery pack. Typcial flight times are 12-14 minutes with ample reserve. The aircraft cruises nicely at 40% throttle and will do big smooth loops at only 50% throttle. Landings are easy and are generally done by chopping power at 20-30 feet altitude and gliding onto a grass field. This design is the best and easiest to fly model between the BF109F2 and the Mig-3.
05.23.2005 flight report:
At this point the I-16 has 20 flights on it and continues to demonstrate excellent flying characteristics. The model is actually very docile in it's handling characteristics and is NOT difficult to fly. Any pilot experienced in 1/12 scale warbird type aircraft should have not trouble flying this model.
04.20.2005 flight report:
Three more flights on the Rata this date. Winds were 5-12 mph. No adjustments were made to control setups since the maiden flight. During these fights averaging 7 minutes each, the Rata flight envelope was further explored with some loops, horizontal rolls, stall turns, high speed passes and slow fight. No bad habits were discovered. The AXI 2212/20 with a 9x4.5 prop seems to have adequate power for all of these manuevers. Even at 60% throttle the aircraft cruises around nicely. The airplane slows down quickly when the power is reduced below 40% due to the blunt nose (drag). A bit of power is required to maintain a nice final approach for landing.
04.14.2005 flight report:
This model was first successfully flown on this date, finished and equipped as shown and in the top two photos. The model flew straight and level from the initial launch and demonstrated excellent flying characteristics! Only a small amount of right aileron trim was required for level flight. (The torgue of the outrunner motor probably contributed to the need for right trim) Two flight were made gently testing the control response and initial stall tendancies. Although the original full-scale aircraft was know for being very sensitive and having a high landing speed, this model does not duplicate those bad habits. Wind for maiden flights was 12-18 mph


Plan Previews

plan preview of wing construction
The wing is all balsa and assembled flat on the work bench. Templates for all wing ribs are included on the plans. The horizontal stabilizer, elevators and vertical fin are all 1/8" balsa components.
plan preview fuselage construction
The fuselage is built-up balsa, assembled over an internal removable jig. Formers are 1/16" plywood and 1/16" balsa. The fuselage is sheeted with 1/16" balsa. Templates for fuselage sheeting are included on the plans as well as an instrument panel drawing and scale M-63 radial engine. 1/16" Sheeting for the fuselage and top of the wing is not included in the laser cut parts set.
wing construction plan
A 8 1/2"x11" decal sheet as shown is provided with the plans
3-view drawing

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NOTE:the small windscreen on this model can be made from cutting a small piece out of the curved section of a 12oz clear plastic soda bottle.

Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 "rata"
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